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An exclamation of happiness/triumph, having to deal with either world domination ,general evilness, or insanity. The more 'ha's, the more forceful. And I thought this was my idea. >_<
World Domination: "At last! The supreme-ray-gun has been set up! All shall fear me! Moohaha!"

General Evilness: "I killed a chipmunk. Moohaha!"

General Evilness (foreceful): "I killed a person! Moohahahaha!"

Insanity: "Why is the sky purple? THE SQUIRRELS DID IT! MOOHAHA!"
by Sias-san December 01, 2003
a laugh performed by a cow who plans to kill you
I am hungry, MOOHAHA!
by evil genius July 16, 2003
a word used to express madness through laughter...very effective.
"i don't like you, moohaha"
"shat ap, baahaha"
by sarah prince October 31, 2005
laughter at random moments usually used when:
1 ur on AIM or the internet
2 ur talkin to ur biffles
3 u r laughin at losers
4 u have decided to take over the world
i will now take over the universe. MOO HA HA!!

by susmtfu, bfh June 08, 2007
A Monotonic laugh said with little to no emotion.
"Really funny joke!"
by Tom April 20, 2005
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