a person usually a bf or gf who never pays for anything and who is always with money of their own. The always relay on somebody else to pay for them....but the mooching is okay because he or she is your friend.
muff muff muff muff from Carleton University always mooches off her friends.
by whitebooi March 06, 2011
snog, kiss, get off with, etc
I mooched this little blonde bird last night- oh- she was a fuckin dancer im tellin ya.
by womoma April 17, 2005
Phil Partin...*trails off* see also: CartoonChess
1:Hey Matt wheres Mooch?
2:Last I saw that white boy he was playin the funky music of the heezy fosheez-
1:Nevermind..I see him..MOOCHIE!
by §tar September 29, 2003
A hairy guy who loves sluts with big titties
Hey man, ur acting like mooch

dont be a mooch, ur cock is tiny
by mykel.d2 May 10, 2005
a guy who goes to your wedding and doesn't give you a gift and/or a guy who keeps all the money from an NCAA pool
That mooch screwed me out of a wedding gift
by g money August 08, 2003
a man cooch
he's totally got a mooch
mooch juice!
by Toonie April 21, 2004
A guy who always accepts an invitation for pizza, never to return the favor. Will smoke your cigars even though his humidor is full. Will drink your alcohol first, especially skinnies, so he can take his home. He is 85 true story!
Does that mooch have to be invited to the draft again? Drank all my beer, smoked all my cigars, and did not even chip in on pizza.
by Buffalo Hunter August 14, 2014

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