a person usually a bf or gf who never pays for anything and who is always with money of their own. The always relay on somebody else to pay for them....but the mooching is okay because he or she is your friend.
muff muff muff muff from Carleton University always mooches off her friends.
by whitebooi March 06, 2011
a person who goes around and just takes from other people
girl-do you buy your lunch?
boy-no, i just go around and mooch
by marisa June 20, 2004
1# Someone who leeches off other people.

2# Round here some people say 'mooch' instead of 'walk'.
Dave: Give me some food you tosser, i'm hungry!
Mike: Fuck off you fat greedy piece of shit.

Susan: Fancy a mooch?
Dave: Wha? Mooch? Doesn't that mean kiss?
Tom: That's smooch you dumb fuck.
by Kyle Frith November 20, 2006
mooch the verb to mooch is to mill about, to mingle and/or to brouse
i am just going to the shop the have a mooch

by sammy_sue December 25, 2005
Someone who takes and takes but never gives. They could take food, money or anything that you give them but never give you anything in return.
Aaron is such a moocher. He keeps asking me for money and never drops a penny!
by KelKell August 18, 2009
Someone who invites you over only if you have weed for them to smoke and beer for them to drink.
regular person - "What are you doing tonight"
mooch- "Uh nothing, just sitting watching lost by myself."
regular- "oh that's cool i gotta cash my paycheck"

wash rinse repeat.
by beansbeans123 June 16, 2010
Mooch is when you do something for no real reason or you just aimlessly carry out tasks subconsiously.
I was in my room just having a mooch.

I wasn't really doing anything, just mooching around

We mooched around the mall for a bit.
by James2968 February 10, 2011
Similar to mooching but the act of mooching is not currently taking place but is expected to resume
Ivan mooches cigarets from me whever im around him I dont want to say no but I cant say yes
by Gopalji September 06, 2005

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