An overly sized male breast.
"My god look at the moobs on him"
by matty July 30, 2004
Excess breast tissue grown in males leading to the appearance of large breasts. Two known causes: fat, and an actual hormone imbalance medically referred to as Gynecomastia. Corrective surgery may be the best and only treatment option for the second.
I had moobs, and it turned out that I had Gynecomastia.
by Bruce Almighty November 06, 2007
The word for male breasts.
Radames has very large Moobs.
by Leo and monia December 17, 2007
man + boobs= moobs

something that yanks has

most things that fat guys have
by l3x! March 12, 2009
So soft, so round, and so hairy..........
The main three components needed for a man to feel far superior to a woman.
Me: Hey dude totally sweet MOOBS!
Fat guy: Thanks, I had to be an alcaholic for six years to get these babies!
Fat guy 2: Fuck you bitch! Now men can have breasts too!
by benandjerry May 06, 2007
moobs is just a shortened down word of man boobs it is basically a overweight male who has boobs like a women they are called man boobs... other wise known as moobs
"hey did you see that guy at the gym today he had big moobs!!"
by manutd4eva November 03, 2007
Man Boobs. When a man gets quite fat and develops moobs. This does not mean the are more likely to get breast cancer. Any man can get this.
Robbie Wishes he had Moobs.
Casey wishes he did not have moobs. So did Rachel Curtly
by SmooSmoo January 24, 2007
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