a moob is a man boob
Oh my god evans moob just smacked that kid in the face!!!!!!
by Lucy October 24, 2004
A man boob. Primarily found on overweight men but can sometimes be found on average sized men, which is often an indication that they used to be overweight.


The breasts of overweight women that look remarkably like men.
My moob got stuck in a paper shredder. I need to lose weight. After I get out of the hospital of course.
by El Jeffy July 12, 2003
The body of a fat man. His breasts will grow oversized and start to resemble a female's tit's.

This condition is usually caused by overeating or being obese.

A very scary sight to see and it means the subject in question is unhealthily overfat.
salvatore vitale has moobs.
by swifters December 04, 2008
Gynocomastia or Man Boobs
Have you seen Eric's moobs, he needs a bra!
by abbazaba007 April 03, 2009
relating to a man with big breasticles
Oh my what such big moobs you have Derek
by teju November 15, 2007
A man with boobs, usually fat men have moobs. (.)(.)

Pronounced: moo-bz
Wow shadoe has huge moobs.
by Neikiva June 05, 2007
Excess breast tissue grown in males leading to the appearance of large breasts. Two known causes: fat, and an actual hormone imbalance medically referred to as Gynecomastia. Corrective surgery may be the best and only treatment option for the second.
I had moobs, and it turned out that I had Gynecomastia.
by Bruce Almighty November 06, 2007

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