Not quite an anniversary. The day you started dating, celebrated or recognized each month by each person in the couple, leading up to the anniversary.
1.Wow Freddie today is our 7th monthaversary! 2. All but one month on the 10th is our monthaversary. The other is our anniversary.
by k.Herring January 10, 2009
Top Definition
n 1: The monthly recurring date of a past event, especially one of historical, national, or personal importance: a relationship monthaversary (monthiversary); the monthaversary of ones birthday (bithday).

2: A celebration commemorating such a date.

n: the date on which an event occurred in some previous month (or the celebration of it)

In dumb down stupid terms: A monthly anniversary, though usually only used in context for the first 12 months
Today is the 2nd monthaversary of that nasty hurricane that hit two months ago
by Alex Donaldson October 15, 2005

Committing to an offical relationship by mutual choice, and celebrated on the first month after the date that you asked one another to be your partner.
Boy: Will you be my girl friend
Girl: Yes~


(one month later)


Girl: i got you something for our Montaversary.
Boy: Oh yeah. . . Thats so sweet. . . What is it?
Girl: Its a surprise
Boy: I got you something too~

(After exchanging gifts, on your Monthaversary, you are committed to one another.)
by AquaBabi May 04, 2010
instead, of the traditional yearly anniversary, a monthaversary occurs once a month and it is usually celebrated by younger couples who are grateful their relationship has even survived a month
Girl: Gosh I hope he doesn't forget out 5th monthaversary!
by lizzy135 February 21, 2011
1.An anniversary every month instead of every year.
2. Celebrating the day of something by months
Stephanie: "hey, whats the date?"
Cassidy: "Oh! its april 5th! its also my monthaversary!"
Stephanie: "Oh thats cool. How long have y'all been dating now?"
Cassidy: "23 months!!!"
by Cassistoocoolforyou April 28, 2011
The reccurrence of an event on the same date every month. Like a relationship for instance.
Happy Monthaversary Jonathan!
by GabrielahSparx November 26, 2010
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