Somewhat like a Donkey Punch but since monkies have little hand-like feet, you kick the girl in the back of the head instead. Granted this would be hard to do, but I assume a monkey could do it no problem, hence name.
Matt H-Dude, I got monkey punched last night.
Everyone else-Dude, you got kicked in the back of the head while getting sodomized by another man? You suck.
by PhearMyPhunk September 16, 2004
Top Definition
Similar to the first definition on the page, but when you are "slamming" her from behind, you randomly throw it in her ass. When she looks around back to you to see what the hell's up, you crack her right in the side of the jaw!
Everything's going great and you both are in the zone, but then you spice things up and throw it in her ass. Due to the pain of this move, she'll definitely look back to you to see what the hell's up. Then, crack her in the jaw and tell her to keep looking forward as we're doing it! The relationship may take a downward slope after performing this on your partner!
by TheHead May 01, 2005
Pseudonym of Kazuhito Kato, famous manga artist.
by nasuke October 28, 2003
v the act of slapping oneself on the chest with an open hand and holding the other hand directly beneath the anus to collect excrement during intercourse, possibly followed by flinging.
My baby loves the monkeypunch
by swingin sam January 19, 2004
When a guy is doing a chick from behind and pooping at the same time and flinging the poop.
Some guy was monkey-punching that chick. There was poo flung everywhere.
by John Barleycorne November 30, 2010
The Greatest Manga artist/story teller of all time.
Monkey Punch is simply the greatest.

No one can beat Monkey Punch.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba February 01, 2005
(n). When you are slamming a woman from behind, and randomly give her a right hook behind the ear, and you just keep on going about your business.
That stupid bitch got pissed when I gave her a monkey punch last night, and she said just for that I cannot tea bag her anymore
by Big Chief Smack-a-Ho January 23, 2003
A monkey punch is when you do like the monkeys and shit in your hand and proceed to hit somebody with your shit filled hand
Shut up or I will monkey punch you
by theeyeofthewolf June 07, 2011
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