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2 definitions by Leyala

When a gamergirl t-bags another character she has killed. It is more appropriate for a female.
Rage: ''Hey Shini you just killed me, grats!''
Shini: ''And now I shall cookie dip you! Mouhaha''

*the character crouches over the head of the dead body many times to represent a cookie being dipped in a glass of milk*
by Leyala August 28, 2009
16 2
When you ride a girl and you feel her enjoying, really close the orgasm, you give her a punch in the face or somewhere else. You let go your imagination.
Everytime Chuck Norris brings a girl back home from the club, he gives her a good monkey punch in the face when she's about to have an orgasm. Cause no one can have more fun than Chuck.
by Leyala June 28, 2010
33 41