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The elegant act of a female thrusting her backside on top of a male's penis as quickly as possible.
My roommate was watchin me get a monkey on a stick, waitin his turn
by Straun September 18, 2008
In India, when a monkey is found on a banana plantation he is captured and impaled on a stick and the other end stuck in the ground on the outskirts of the plantation as a warning to all other monkeys not to enter, so in short it means make an example out of someone
He screwed us over, make him like a Monkey on a Stick.
by deepfish January 16, 2015
aka Nothing. Like when you go to the midway at the local fair and spend $50 on cheesy games and all you end up walking away with is a stupid plastic monkey on a stick.
Evan: Dude, how'd it go with the redhead last night?
Art: Dude, it sucked. I got Monkey on a Stick.
Evan: You were robbed dude. You were buying her drinks all night!
by g-othermal November 02, 2009

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