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The current occupant of the White House.
George W. Bush thinks, acts, and looks like a monkey. Therefore he is a monkey boy.
by jesster79 March 05, 2005
a slang word used in the office to brand a person as a slave of another.
I got 'Monkey Boy' to tidy up that kitchen this morning...
by Simon February 21, 2003
Steve Ballmer - CEO of Microsoft

Is known as Monkey Boy for jumping around on stage like a monkey screaming and dancing.
Link to Monkey Boy:
by Developers June 01, 2005
A young, loud, boisterous, male prone to excessive alcohol consumption, aggression and immature, obnoxious behaviour. Monkey boys are generally of middle to upper class origin and have a preference for either preppy or jock attire and hairstyles.
Female college students with any level of sophistication avoid fraternity parties because most frat parties are filled with monkey boys.
by von Ratt May 06, 2008
A person who is content to be medicore
Monkeyboy sets his alarm-clock so he can be up in time for the morning gridlock. He wouldn't want to miss his dead-end 9-5 job and the 3 hours a day he spends in traffic.
by Dave1234 August 12, 2006
Usually a person of low intelligence. possibly somebody who works in retail, more than likley works in the stockroom.
Right monkeyboy, I want this stockroom cleared by 12.00, Then you can make us all a nice cup of tea.
by Buggs July 22, 2003
See Steve Ballamer.

A derogatory nickname for the current CEO of the Microsoft Corporation.
"Hey, did you see that video of Monkeyboy the other day?"
by LeesyKate July 15, 2008
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