Name given to people from the town of Hartlepool in the North East of England. The reason being during the Napoleonic Wars (around the 1800s) a monkey washed up on the beach at Hartlepool. The unfortunate primate was tried and executed because the locals thought it was French. This is referred to with some misplaced pride now as the town's football club's mascot is called H'Angus the Monkey.
"Hey, did you hear those Monkey Hangers elected their football mascot as their mayor?"

"Well, that's what happens when you live on the wrong side of the Pennines."
by The_Strut November 25, 2004
Top Definition
A person coming from Hartlepool or supporting the football club Hartlepool United (the greatest football team in the world) This refers to an incident during the Napoleonic wars when a French ship sank off the Hartlepudlian coast. The only suvivor was the ships monkey which was assumed to be French ashe (or she was talking gibberish) , tried for treason against the British crown and promptly hanged. So there Still it's better than being a fookin' Darlo fan (up yer ass George)
Monkey hangers are the greatest people in the world unlike Mackems and Darlo fans both of whom smell since they don't wash
by aussie bristol chick September 22, 2003
The proud fans of the best team in the north of england, nay the world. Famed for their play off highjinks and for putting their poor next door neighbours, (darlo fc) well and truely in the shade that is the beckoning conference!
Monkey Hangers rule, darloids drool
by nim May 27, 2004
Darlo scum, take it up the bum!!
monkey hanger, proud to be a strangler!!
poolies rule! darloids drule!
by Kimy October 01, 2004
scum coming from the worlds biggest toxic waste dump, and 1 of britains worst towns as voted by the readers of the news of the world.

can also be somebody who supports the football leagues most success deprived team, having never won silverware and finished bottom of the league most times, which is of course hartlepool united.
the good people of darlington can be proud that theyre football team has won the 3rd (and 2nd) division championships before, whereas the monkeyhangers never have.
by southerner in the north March 22, 2004
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