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wikid place to be!
its in sunderland, pallion!
pallion road to be precise << cnt spell!
check it!
I cant fockin hear yaaaaaaaa come on then!!
by Kimy October 01, 2004
Darlo scum, take it up the bum!!
monkey hanger, proud to be a strangler!!
poolies rule! darloids drule!
by Kimy October 01, 2004
something charvas/chores/scallys etc. say alot! most of the time they mean it sarcasticly!
yeh, welli! course ya are!
by Kimy October 01, 2004
charvas/chores/townies/scallys etc say this word alot, mainly a northern word, used as the word 'yes' alot, or 'okay'
will u hurry up :- 'rites man!'
by Kimy October 01, 2004
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