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Name given to people from the town of Hartlepool in the North East of England. The reason being during the Napoleonic Wars (around the 1800s) a monkey washed up on the beach at Hartlepool. The unfortunate primate was tried and executed because the locals thought it was French. This is referred to with some misplaced pride now as the town's football club's mascot is called H'Angus the Monkey.
"Hey, did you hear those Monkey Hangers elected their football mascot as their mayor?"

"Well, that's what happens when you live on the wrong side of the Pennines."
by The_Strut November 25, 2004
To stop doing something.
Look Love Albatross, we've been going for four hours now. I've come seven times. Can't we just knock it on the head?
by The_Strut October 21, 2004
Indonesian term for male masterbation. A wank.
"Hey you like what you see? Vely good banana massage. Vely good jiggy-jiggy. You want young girl?"

"No thanks, Japang."

"Ahh young boy?"
by The_Strut October 21, 2004
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