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rodent like selfish creature, often found laying on sofas or on beds, the creature is unable to communicate. It can't be arsed to move throughout the day due to going out on the piss the previous night. Also known as; rat boy, thin man, gandhi, jack
monged out rat look a like unable to move, speak, just about human and has obsession with black mambas. Often known to frequently do a "brad pitt" whilst out, and is sick more times than a parrott.
by coulzee February 09, 2004
a weasel like creature that just "cant be arsed" because the lazy blighter is too undernourished. Often found on the sofa the whole day after a night on the lash. also see Gandhi, the thin man, rat boy, Jack
Look at Gandhi the thin man, what a lazy mongrat.
by Nath February 09, 2004