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to keep hundreds or maybe thousands of girls simmering away nicely, being able to have sexual intercourse with any one of them at any moment, depending on what 'flava' is desired at the time. Fat hoe's, skinny hoe's, fishy hoe's etc..
'what bitch you texting this time James?'.
'just some girl'.
'sure James, whatever, you've been giving it parrott all day and night
#pot the brown #sink the pink #polish your cue #slip on your waistcoat #dundee #chalk
by dreve January 04, 2009
1. One dumb son of a bitch; Doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. 2. small minded.
We got this new guy at work, total fucking parrott.
#bitch #small-minded #stupid #dumb #idiot
by n8bit June 07, 2010
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