verb - to put both your arms and legs into the arm holes of a hoodie. with your head in the hood. leaving just your ass sticking out in the air.
before i got onto the elevator i decided to go mongoosing. so put my hoodie on in such ways. when arriving in the elevator i asked for somebody to hit floor three. arriving at my destination, i summersalted off.
by poopymcpooppoop July 24, 2009
Top Definition
The act of fearlessly, ferociously and unscrupulously devouring helpless prey; particularly, after fighting for and winning previously said prey from cobras and other venomous snakes.
"You guys see Bill mongoosing at the club last night? He made out with two chicks, got three numbers and left home with one. What a fucking mongoose!"
by HoneyBadger2498 February 16, 2014
When you hold the front brake on a rear wheel drive vehicle and then hit the gas until the rear tires start spinning. Also known as powerbraking
Me and the police were mongoosing in the Burger King parking lot!
by worldclasslifesaver August 12, 2011
to skip school with friends. only possible to do if your a BAMF.
Daniel: Let's mongoose today
Victoria: Hellll yea. We can go to Galveston!
Zac: Can I come mongoosing with you too?
Daniel & Victoria: Yea, your a BAMF!!!!
by dippie&vicki April 06, 2009
riding your mongoose around on halo 3 and not caring about the game
When I got bored of owning my friends on Slayer I started mongoosing
by H.Izzle October 01, 2007
From the verb "to mongoose"

Going around acting like a mongoose.
The gang went out mongoosing one night and ate a snake.
by Nire June 03, 2004
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