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Someone with an extremely low intelligence. See : hecateh
A mongoloid came up to me and beat me up I was in casualty for a week.
by Lesbub January 19, 2003
An ugly mofo.
That baby don't look like me! I'm fine as hell, and he's a mongoloid!
by YahhhHeardMee April 22, 2010
A mentally retarded person. See Christians.

by FlareKitsune January 02, 2010
a retated midget that has laserations, big forehead, and slanted eyes...most mongoloids are named Tim and work at the circus. Wears potato sacks as clothes. Loves to say rastafari. They hide under cars or beds.
If you see a mongoloid kick it in the fucking face.
by Eli R. May 19, 2008
An ugly mixed race ADHD freak who's ignorant, stupid, and has no ability to reason and act right.
Mom your half native indian half mexican boyfriend is a mongoloid because he won't pay his share of the bills, drinks too much, agrees with me but won't take my advice and please wake him up and make him clean up all his mess he made making his hot wings.
by sickOitchad March 09, 2006
a short freak with with fucked up eyes, a small cone shaped head, unibrow, few wild thin hairs, missing teeth, wrinkled forhead, and uses a potato sac for clothing. most mongoloids dont do anything exept complain and eat. if they are found, they are sold to the circus.
spencer, your a fucking mongoloid
by mongoloid killer June 09, 2008
Person with the features of one with down's syndrome (retard). Generally very ugly with no neck. Also, very low intelligence and often attend Carleton university. The name comes from the similarities of persons afflicted with down's syndrome and the facial features of indigens of Mongolia.
"Hey mommy, why does that retard look like such an ugly piece of shit?"
"Well Billy, his name is Kalonen and he is a mongoloid."
by jhawkin3 January 13, 2009