A term used to describe the people of East Asia, that is no longer considered politically correct in general usage, but is still used by anthropologists. It derives from the mistaken belief that the East Asian racial type originated in Mongolia.
Some experts classify Native Americans as Mongoloid while others classify them as a separate race.
by weblurker March 06, 2007
Derogatory term for people from 1 of 2 categories -

1. People of East Asian descent, probably originating from the days of Ghengis Khan. These people are now buying up expensive gizmos and gadgets, taking them back to caves, and smashing them on a rock to look at the shiny parts and make necklaces.

2. People with mental handicaps, probably because their mother drank too much or did homemade narcotics during pregnancy. These were the people who live life with a mother who was caught skipping bail because she was smoking PCP on Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc.

Category 1 - Excuse me teacher, I need some new colored crayons. I need smargdine, chartruce, royal blue, and mongoloid yellow.

Category 2 - Teacher to wife: "I had this mongoloid kid shit on the floor when I laughed at him today. I mean, this little kids face just makes me want to put a real fist into his suck hole. There's just something about his face."
by A Creature Underneath January 13, 2009


- Loid


A Mongoloid is often described as a physically deformed person, preferably with a lower then usual mental capacity. Facial scars, visible tumors, missing limbs, over bites along with wardrobe are usually bonuses or signs that the person in question is, indeed, a Mongoloid. Mongoloid's abbreviated forms are usually more derogatory then the full word. "Loid" is an example.
Mongoloid -

"Wow, that dude sure is a mongoloid."

Loid (abbreviated) -
by Amber MacKenzie July 10, 2008
A derogatory term usually for victims of Downs Syndrome but can be used to describe all retards. Mongoloids are well known for smiling at normal people and giving the thumbs up sign.
That fuckin mongoloid just smiled at me! Fuckin creepy man, we should fuck him up!

Dude, dont let that fuckin mongo touch you!
by acesn8s November 27, 2010
a retated midget that has laserations, big forehead, and slanted eyes...most mongoloids are named Tim H. and work at the circus. Fuck mongoloids.
If you see a mongoloid kick it in the fucking face.
by Eli R. May 19, 2008
A person of northern Asian lineage, specifically Mongolia. Chinese, Japanese, people from the indo-chinese nations, and native americans are all mongoloids.
Do chinese people count as caucasian?

Shit no, they're mongoloid.
by Chr February 25, 2007
One who has significantly sub-par intelligence. This is a derogative term that is usually used towards those with down syndrome. This term was popularized in a DEVO song entitled "Mongoloid." The term comes from the barbaric and uncivilized tendencies of mongolian tribes. It is often incorrectly thought that Mongoloid is a demonym for people from Mongolia. Molgoloid describes a person that behaves like a person from Mongolia, while Mongolian describes those that are actually from the country.
Mongoloid, He was a Mongoloid. One chromosome too many.
by ckenneym June 24, 2007

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