The term used to describe some buck tooth, back woods, cousin fucking, inbred piece of shit asshole who uses the word "Retard" to describe the word "Mongoloid."
I just noticed that a couple of douchbags are using the word mongoloid synonomously with the word retard, what a bunch a TRUE mongoloids.
by BobNagana March 22, 2015
Its a word used to describe someone that looks and act like a retard.
Hey look at lil daniel, he looks just like a fucking mongoloid. He gets no pussy my nigga.
by Matador454 November 30, 2014
The term "Mongoloid" is a racial category used to describe people of East Asian origin. Its use originated from a variation of the word "Mongol", a people who are considered one of the main proto-populations for the race. The classification is primarily useful when studying human prehistory, and in forensic analysis of human remains, in which "Mongoloid" denotes a particular racial skull type. "Larger brain, larger braincase, broader skull, broader face, flat roof of the nose, inner eye fold, more protuberant eyes, lack of brow ridges, greater delicacy of bones, shallow mandibular fossa, small mastoid processes, stocky build, persistence of thymus gland into adult life, persistence of juvenile form of zygomatic muscle, persistence of juvenile form of superior lip muscle, later eruption of full dentition (except second and third molars), less hairy, fewer sweat glands, fewer hairs per square centimeter and long torso" "Mongoloid subjects were found to have approximately 20% higher bone density at the angle of mandible than Caucasoid subjects
Mongoloid race are very smart people, fact the smartest people. And others are so insecure, so they made up an medical word opposing it, and desperately trying to hide the meanings of it.
by Kublai Khan Kuo March 05, 2009
A race of people who inhabit East Asia and parts of Southeast Asia and Central Asia. In addition, some scientists classify American Indians as members of the greater Mongoloid race due to the fact that their ancestors came from Asia thousands of years ago.

Typical of members of the Mongoloid race are straight black hair, charcoal black eyes, a short, roundish face, a low nose bridge, high cheekbones and epicanthal fodes that give the appearance of "slanted" eyes.

This man has Visible Mongoloid Ancestry
by Mplad February 03, 2007
A person of northern Asian lineage, specifically Mongolia. Chinese, Japanese, people from the indo-chinese nations, and native americans are all mongoloids.
Do chinese people count as caucasian?

Shit no, they're mongoloid.
by Chr February 25, 2007
Mongoloid (mahn - go - loyd) n.
1. One whose ancestors are Asian, particularly those from South-East Asia. Derrived from the term Mongol, who were inhabitants of Mongolia, because much of South-East Asia has been conquered by the Mongols, meaning their genetics had spread. This is especially true in places such as China, but not so much in Japan. They are characterised as having round mandibles, often over-bites (or under-bites), large teeth, small eyes, large eyelids, slanted eyes, black hair, and seemingly yellow skin.

2. (Vulgar slang) A person who resembles one with Down syndrome in appearence, lacks intelligence, or both. Called so, because people unfamiliar with Asians may think of them as people with Down syndrome.
1. Why do many people have a disgusting obsession with everything Asian, including female Mongoloids? Truly bizarre, in my opinion.

2. Kim Jong Il is such a fucking mongoloid.
by Amerikaner October 14, 2006
Derogatory term for people from 1 of 2 categories -

1. People of East Asian descent, probably originating from the days of Ghengis Khan. These people are now buying up expensive gizmos and gadgets, taking them back to caves, and smashing them on a rock to look at the shiny parts and make necklaces.

2. People with mental handicaps, probably because their mother drank too much or did homemade narcotics during pregnancy. These were the people who live life with a mother who was caught skipping bail because she was smoking PCP on Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc.

Category 1 - Excuse me teacher, I need some new colored crayons. I need smargdine, chartruce, royal blue, and mongoloid yellow.

Category 2 - Teacher to wife: "I had this mongoloid kid shit on the floor when I laughed at him today. I mean, this little kids face just makes me want to put a real fist into his suck hole. There's just something about his face."
by A Creature Underneath January 13, 2009

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