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A lady who is the bees knees in all kinds of wonderful ways
That Monet chica is all kinds of fresh
by BeesKnessssssss February 03, 2010
45 35
word used to describe a girl who is perfect like a painting.
confident, classy, funny, adorable, and stunning.
that girl was such a monet!

did you see that monet at the party?!

by shadeerae March 11, 2009
89 79
The perfect girl. Typically blonde. She is smart, beautiful, and you can't help but to love her. She loves to party and has an amazing body, with big boobs and the ideal booty. Monets may not be sure exactly who they want to be in a relationship with, but will always have one guy who is perfect for her, and she will love him to no end. Monets are perfect long-term girlfriends and make amazing wife's. Monets are loyal, sweet, beautiful, freaks in the bedroom, amazing cooks, and would die for her children. You may not know it, but your true dream girl is a Monet.
I'm just waiting to find my Monet

Dude, I'm takin her home tonight, that girl is such a Monet!
by AllStraightGuys December 10, 2013
7 2
A term given to a female who looks good from a distance but not so good close up, just like a Claude Monet painting.
1. Hey man check her out!!!
2. Dude i bet shes a monet.
by jordybo June 04, 2012
6 5
Someone who from far away looks delightful but upon closer inspection is ugly as sin.
Origin: Clueless
"Whoa! From down the block that guy looked HOT but when I got closer he was SUCH a Monet!"
by Katy Avila August 09, 2006
58 57
A person who looks hawt from afar, but is the total opposite up close.
Cheryl: Ugh, I don't know why Jake is going out with Samantha. She is such a Monet.
by Marisol Tan May 20, 2013
0 1
A women who look good from a far, but once you get close, you will be disappointed. A women who has a wondering eye. Who always fights temptation and losses. A women who needs constant attention from different men to keep her happy. A player with a weak game and a bad liar.
I cant believe I slept with Monet.
by Johnnydebits February 03, 2010
11 18