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'Carlie' is the most premium name that could possibly be assigned to a human being; it symbolizes utmost human, possibly divine, perfection. Carlies are the types of people who, aside from their intimidatingly piercing eyes and physical beauty, can stay up for days or weeks at a time reading and writing to collect vast amounts of knowledge to add to their already gigantic intellect.

Carlie's are usually very oblivious to how superior they are to lesser humans, only adding to the appeal. Though superior, Carlie's tend to be out of their mind crazy. This actually makes them MORE attractive.

Creative, caring beyond rational explanation, sexy, and secretly a hipster. Carlie's have a huge capacity to love. If you ever meet a Carlie, you will remember her for the rest of your life.

Finding a Carlie is like finding an oasis in a desert.

p.s. Carlie's are not lesbians
person after encountering a Carlie for the first time: "Wow, was that a Carlie, or did I just watch a thousand unicorns ride a double rainbow ?"

person 2: "There's really no way to tell."
by monslepathy October 24, 2010
1. Scientific name: Mons Pubis. A raised, pleasureless lump located in the pubic region of a female. The thing that gives trannies a chance in a bikini.

2. A person with whom one shares their soul almost telepathically with another person. Each person is mons. Together, they are mons. They share their soul, heart, mind, and spirit. It is such a perfect concept that it is simply 'mons.'

3. The greatest, or highest of supernatural experiences, which upon encountering can only be responded to with the humble utterance: 'mons'

4. The prefix for 'monsecue,' which is a party of extraordinary proportions. May or not be associated with a "barbecue."

5. A word that hipsters repeat without actually knowing the meaning, just because it sounds phresh.
person 1: 'Did you SEE that mons?!'

person 2: 'Yeah.. mons'

person 1: 'Let's celebrate it with a monsecue!'

hipster: 'Oversized vintage sweaters? mons, man'
by monslepathy October 25, 2010

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