1. Scientific name: Mons Pubis. A raised, pleasureless lump located in the pubic region of a female. The thing that gives trannies a chance in a bikini.

2. A person with whom one shares their soul almost telepathically with another person. Each person is mons. Together, they are mons. They share their soul, heart, mind, and spirit. It is such a perfect concept that it is simply 'mons.'

3. The greatest, or highest of supernatural experiences, which upon encountering can only be responded to with the humble utterance: 'mons'

4. The prefix for 'monsecue,' which is a party of extraordinary proportions. May or not be associated with a "barbecue."

5. A word that hipsters repeat without actually knowing the meaning, just because it sounds phresh.
person 1: 'Did you SEE that mons?!'

person 2: 'Yeah.. mons'

person 1: 'Let's celebrate it with a monsecue!'

hipster: 'Oversized vintage sweaters? mons, man'
by monslepathy October 25, 2010
Scottish word that essentially means "come on". Often used to complement a band, person or...well...anything really..
by XeoN December 08, 2003
The haired pubic rise directly above the female genitals. An apparently pleasure-less pad of fat that protects the pubic bone over the bladder. Region of the human body which is imbued with an aura of mystery because it is constantly covered up. On some, a densely-thicketed plateau, on others an oddly barren "woodland", still on others, a shaved hump.
My hand slipped down the front of her pants, inside her underwear, until it rested on her mons. My middle finger then sought her vulva...
by Jake January 14, 2004
The hairy pubic plain directly above the genitals, but beneath the waistline, on both men and women. An apparently pleasure-less, purposeless region of the human body, but one that is nevertheless imbued with an aura of mystery because it is constantly covered up. A densley thicketed plateau, an oddly barren woodland, a useless, hilarious no man's land.
Dude, I don't want to see your mons again.

Did you spend a lot of time tonguing her mons?
by MK January 12, 2004
used mainly by biffy clyro fans-- "Mon the Biffy!!" screamed the boyo.. .- This is screamed at every moment anywhere at any time.
by wilson December 03, 2004
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