Murder pronounced with a New York Accent
I saw Spot moider Mr. Weisley last night!
by CrutchysGoil March 13, 2005
Top Definition
A Wigan term - to pester someone, or generally collar them on a particular subject beyond the realms of polite conversation
'Where has Neil gone?' 'He's over by the bar moidering someone'
by J Biscuit August 24, 2007
N. Wales general street / housing estate catch-all term meaning, variously, to 'talk nonsense'; 'to corner someone and batter their head with words'; to rap}
"It was hell of a shady last night, I copped a hell of a moidering off that girl I shagged last Saturday"
by Joe Shoo January 08, 2005
To talk shit to someone,

Lots of useless natter
Someone blabbing crap
Empty words

NOT "to take a life" as Google's definition declares

ORIGINATES from the Welsh "Mwydro" of same definition "talking crap"
Dont moider my head (Paid a mwydro'n mhen i)
Go away! Dont moider me!

- Where's Dei bach ?
- He's in the bar moidering that new girl from Pwll Gwyn!
by Kingsonone December 02, 2012
A term used in Ireland, the North of England and some parts of Wales to describe a situation when a person is talking at them unnecessarily, and it is irritating them.

Derives from the Irish of myther (say that word in your head in an Irish accent and all will be clear).
For God's Sake Mark, stop moidering me and give me a minute to bloody well think!!
by Schlamyn May 31, 2015
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