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A very caring, generous and loving individual. Loves to party until the early hours and enjoys going out with friends.
Charming and athletic, and gets along with everyone. Respected and charismatic, has a good personality and a great sense of humour.
Fun to be around.
Roger Federer or Brad Pitt are examples of Mohsins.
by Gus Williams February 11, 2008
168 49
A very Sexy beast in my opinion -secret admirer
I wish i was like Mohsin. But nothing beats an Iqbal
by IQBAL SALA April 07, 2003
145 62
The most amazing person to be born who has a large sense of humour. Remarkable personality along with SEXC looks. Has a large dick which cannot be handled bcos of size and force which is put in.
1) my boyfriend is amazing
2) my boyfriends better...hes like a mohsin
by gangsta spongebob December 13, 2009
68 39
A person that is extremely Clumsy or clumzy
Dude... You keep dropping things... you are such a Mohsin
by pseudonym44125 March 09, 2010
25 45
A bitchy slut from BHS that sucks cock in the E-Hall bathrooms before lunch; a slut that pretrnds to be innocent when they know they're a horny bitch; a slut that loved it up the ass.
I did a Mohsin twice.
by tony June 10, 2004
42 109
1.Also another way of saying ABC(African Bum Cleaner) - Occasionally trying to be funny but it all ends up as bullshit - 2. Also a word descirbing the "fear of insects".
1.)Ok shut up your speaking like a mohsin!
2.)Unluckily i am diagnosed with mohsin:(
by Amy Kibler April 21, 2005
22 91