Used to describe a gay man who thinks he's a bear but lacks the masculinity and is just overweight. (Based on the acronym for Morbidly Obese Gay.)

Moggy parodies the use of adopting animal names in gay culture (e.g. bear, cub, otter and wolf).
"That Thingbox site likes to think its full of bears but every other guy is just a moggy."
by moggybox April 30, 2010
Mother of a Doggy
If you are female and you own a are a Moggy!
by BD2011 November 02, 2011
From the meaning of a common cat, also meaning the same as minger.
Thus being that they look like one hell of a ugly mo-fo that they need there head sorting with a large metal bat or try on a paper bag on there head.:P
Moggy: Woo im one sexy beast!

Random on street: No way mate, you are a right moggy!

Moggy: Like the cat?

Random on street: No, your the bloke that feel from the ugly tree and then got beaten up my a mass of cats..then got crabs.
by Fuzzy Hamster June 16, 2007
Another name for the female vaginal area. Used in the same terms as pussy, cunt, quim!
I shoved my cock up her wet moggy!
by TMocnciann May 18, 2005
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