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3 definitions by minniemoose

gelvis is the name for a male who uses lots of gel to style their hair wether it be spikes slicked back or a quiff.

gel/Elvis = gelvis
awrite gelvis am likin the doo!!
by minniemoose November 16, 2006
4 0
glasgow slang name for mogadon (nitrazepam) sleeping tablets
a wiz cummin doon aff the ekto so a batterd a few moggies n it took the edge rite aff it.
by minniemoose November 16, 2006
13 9
glasgow street term for blue valium (diazepam) known as blues which translated in glasgow rhyming slang is scooby doos and thats where scoobs comes from.
junkie 1: here mate dae u know anycunt thats puntin scoobs the noo?
junkie 2: naw mate i dont.
by minniemoose November 16, 2006
18 25