A hairstyle that consists of a cross between a mohawk and an Afro. Usually mocked if seen.
Did you see that tool the other day? he had a mofro!
#hair #afro #mohawk #mofo #gay
by J-ROD777 June 06, 2007
Top Definition
1. Southern soul-blues-funk band.
2. Replaces any other noun; ie, means whatever the fuck you want it to mean.
1. I saw a Mofro concert the other day.
2. I'm hungry. Let's go get some mofro.
#mofo #noun #marklar #blues #soul #funk #band
by ebolamunkee October 02, 2006
a mohawk made from a hairdo that would otherwise be considered an afro.
-Is it a mohawk?
-Is it an afro?
...Nah, it's a mofro.
by hollbl November 25, 2003
1. (noun)
A much milder version of mother fucker. It is also interchangable with mo fo.
¡Step on the gas mo fro!
#mother fucker #fucker #mo fo #moron #idiot
by Carter SN October 01, 2005
A replacement word for 'Mofo'
Lay off you mofro.
by D-Rad December 14, 2003
A hairstyle that is a combination of a mullet and an afro.
"Did you see Kanye West's hairdo at the Grammy's"
"Yeah that was a total Mofro"
#mofro #kanye west #afro #mullet #black #fuzz
by D.Peaches February 08, 2009
Portmanteau of "modernist" and "afro", i.e. an afro hairstyle worn by modernist thinkers, or more loosely, early-20th century writers, such as poet Ezra Pound, playwright George S. Kaufman, The New Yorker founder Harold Ross, and playwright August Strindberg.
George S. Kaufman had some crazy jokes." "And some crazy hair. That guy had a mofro.
#afro #modernist #jewfro #hairstyle #modfro
by tokyostory August 15, 2010
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