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slang for coffee. used most frequently in the pacific northwest.
dude, let's get some mofe. I'm too mofed to sleep.
by nuke choogler November 26, 2009
Short for mofo. One may find mofes engaging in mofery, or indeed occupying a mofery.
Don't even think about invading Belgium, you mofe!
by Hefelumpman February 15, 2005
A # between 7 and 8, but not a decimal. An imaginary integer (in base 10) that can only be expessed through the bases of 11 or higher. This integer looks like a right-opening parenthesis with a hyphen in the concave portion of it (- with the two lines connected.
Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Mofe Eight Nine
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (- 8 9
by mister cow April 14, 2006
A girl who fancies effeminate men, trannies, poofs or otherwise testosterone deficient species. Also known as a term of affection, like "friend". An internet friend is hence an "e-mofe"; this is shortened to emo. So really, we, inventing the term mofe, simultaneously invented emo. Score!
Mofe, check out that hawt emo guy! OMFG!
by Jomofe March 04, 2006
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