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1:- A word that sounds the same as another, but has a different meaning.

2:- A telephone in the employ of a homosexual


Homosexual:- Hey, look at my new homophone! it's *fabulous*!
by Hefelumpman April 03, 2005
Short for mofo. One may find mofes engaging in mofery, or indeed occupying a mofery.
Don't even think about invading Belgium, you mofe!
by Hefelumpman February 15, 2005
1:- The undertakings of a mofe.
2:- A place where a mofe, or usually more, frequent.
1:- What mofery are you up to, this morrow?
2:- I'm not going to that club. It's a total mofery!
by Hefelumpman February 15, 2005
Taking a dump at great speed, inclusive of wiping.
1:-"I just pooed in like 20 seconds!"
2:-"That's a pretty fast shit!"
1:-"That, my friend, was a Flashdump."
by Hefelumpman December 28, 2006
a homophone for Eep.
"Ypres! I'm going to be hit by a lobster!"
by Hefelumpman April 03, 2005
Describing the need for change.
1:-Ah crap, I need some Tippex.
2:-What for?
by Hefelumpman March 24, 2005

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