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The coolest school in the world, but they block certain videos and websites. The coolest school in the world with the best people that can get around proxies and firewalls.
Mr. Cow goes to Harker and he owns at everything.
Stephani is obsessed with wierd rock bands.
by mister cow May 16, 2006
238947 is a number following 238946. Interestingly enough, it also precedes 238948.
x+1 = 238948
x = 238947
by mister cow October 24, 2007
"The Icepick" is an absolutely vicious ping pong paddle with a superior spin factor to any other paddle. It is the inventor of the world renowned left-spinned serve.
Along its massive spin-factor, it has an unbelievable power bonus due to its great mass. Unfortunalely, it does not have a good back hand, nor does it have extraordinary speed, but that is fine considering all the positive sides. It can be identified with ease due to its distinctive markings. The black side has an artists rendering of an Icepick along with the letters I-C-E-P-I-C-K along the top. On the red side the colorful saying "Float like a Butterfly, sting like an ICEPICK" is written.
Its smaller cousin, Shaved Ice has a higher speed bonus.

Some Stats of "The Icepick":
Spin-Factor: +132
Power: +83
Speed: +39
So Alice and Bob were playing ping pong, then out of nowhere, Bob decided to annihilate her and whip out "The Icepick"
by mister cow November 28, 2007
A clothing line who mainly advertises in Harker in-appropriate videos
I saw some Shai clothing duuuuude.
by mister cow May 16, 2006
An acronym for
Urban Dictionary: Define Your World - Mozilla Firefox
Ontop of my browser it says, UD:DYW-MF.
by mister cow November 05, 2007
1. Someone who contains no chase nor has any chance of ever attaining it.
2. A play on the word douchebag by switching the d and b for an f.
3. Similar to the French word mouche-mag where mouche means fly.
Damn, that flooshflag just gave up a date with kpg for some Halo 3.
by mister cow November 05, 2007
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