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Sap-I-En-Za: Someone who will wait years to seek vengeance with a knife or piano wire.
Rent: Man did you here what happened to that informant?
B: No!
Rent: Someone merced that informant with a piano wire last night. Made him look like a pez dispenser!
B: Damn! He pulled a Sapienza on his ass!
Rent: Yea!
B: Shit, Shit.......
by Boner Soup August 01, 2012
Sap-I-En-Za: Someone who is always cookin and hitting their Catdaddy at the most random times. When they do they are always giggin.
Amineh: Momo what are you doing?
Momo: Sapienza!
Amineh: What?
Momo: Slap!
Amineh: Hits floor......
by Boner Soup August 01, 2012
Term used to describe someone who is always there for family, friends, and even strangers in their time of need.
Mary: How did you get home? Wheres your car?
Jane: My car broke down and a man gave me a ride home.
Mary: Wow! That was nice of him.
Jane: Yea he was a total Sapienza.
by Boner Soup August 02, 2012
Sap-I-En-Za: Term used to describe someone who up and leaves a situation without giving anyone any warning. The act of bailing on friends and family.
Fred: Has anyone seen Bill.
Tom: I haven't, and its his own Birthday party.
Fred: Don't tell me he bailed on the party we threw him.
Tom: I hate to tell you Fred, but i think he's pulling a Sapienza.
by Juan Pedro Gordon March 04, 2008