Maureen Dowd; standard New York Times lefty fare.
Blinded by hatred for anyone who lives outside the Manhattan Membrane, particularly towards those who dare to live in flyover country; she has managed to have a verb/noun named after her, following a particularly dishonest hit piece of hers. See dowdify/dowding/dowdification.
See also Fallujah.
Zell Miller alleged that Maureen Dowd had technicolor hair.
by Free your mind February 28, 2005
Top Definition
An abbreviation for Magic Online with Digital Objects

The original project name for Wizards of The Coast's Magic: Online
Last night I got some MODO draftage going on.
by gesis January 29, 2005
Means really, really ugly. Comes from Quasimodo being ugly; and he's only quasi...modo. See 'fugly'.
Holy shit! Your new girlriend is kinda modo dude...what the hell's wrong with you?
by moneyjane March 16, 2005
To motivate in order to achieve a desired goal. Generally to overcome lethargy.
Dude, we are out of beer. Someone's gotta modo.
by mad scientist August 27, 2006
most definately
We had fun at Mikey's modo!
by Mana Caryn April 05, 2003
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