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Modification. Usually done to either a video game console, computer case, video game, or vehicle.
Video Game Console Mod: Qoob Mod Chip for the Nintendo Gamecube which allows a person to run Linux off of the system.

Computer Case Mod: A fiberglass window in the side of the case to see the internal workings of a system, usually accompanied by water cooling, LED-infused cooling fans, and/or cold-cathode lighting.

Video Game Mod: See also: Counter Strike, or any Unreal Tournament 2004 mods.

Vehicular Mod: Cold Air Intake, free-flowing Exhaust work, high-flow catalytic converter, cam shafts, ported and polished upper and lower intake manifolds, specifically tuned Power Control Module (PCM), turbochargers, intercoolers, superchargers, or even engine swaps can all be considered modifications. Also, ricers, those who fall under the category of rice can consider what they have 'mods'. Shopping-cart style wings, exhaust tips larger than 3", ground effects that scrape speed bumps when you go over them, etc. These types of people are usually frowned upon by the real car modifying community. It is usually prudent to tell them to get a real car, and to learn about what performance really is.
by RockGuitarist2201 September 30, 2006
A 60's cult followed by those in their late teens who wanted to be different to the traditional 'POP' culture.
Bands included 'Small Faces', 'The Who' etc. Usually rode Lambrette scooters and met at rallys. MODS were included in the riots at Brighton during the MOD time period.
For a full explanation, watch the movie 'Quadrophenia'.
Quote 'Quadrophenia',
''We are the MODS, we are the MODS, we are, we are, we are the MODS.''
by Jen April 11, 2005
Short for body modification (scarification, piercing, tattooing). Also a video game add-on.
"Oh yea mom, I'm gonna get another mod today"
"Another Quake mod? nooooo!"
by Shinku July 20, 2003
One who watches over us so we don't do stupid things. Like post a link to Goatse.
Juan for Mod!
by Shibbylube June 10, 2003
A player made addition to an already created game or console. Usually resulting an an unfair advantage.
Yes! I just got my Modded xbox! I can cheat now because I have no skill! :D
by Eat My Rice August 15, 2009
Mod short for Manager On Duty.
Also a forum regulator.
and a sub culture from the 60's

Example 1
Worker #1- Dude whos the mod tonight?
Worker #2 - I think its mary-jane!

Example 2
Forum Guy 1- Dude this Mods A fag!
Forum Guy 2- Yea hes a real fucking fag.

Example 3

Random Guy- Hey faggit wanna fight
Mod- Sorry I don't wanna mess up this jacket.
by im-high-on-opiates October 08, 2007
Make Out Dysfunction.

the inability to move ones toungue at the partners prefferred rate.
by jfire February 17, 2005