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A bird who never sleeps, imitates other birds and animals, car horns, and whatnot, and doesn't shut up all night long, just because it is looking for a mate.

They can be recognized by their song: 'Chirrup chirrup chirrup tweet tweet tweet beep beep beep twirrup twirrup twirrup weet weet weet honk honk honk cheep cheep cheep bereep bereep bereep ...'
After being kept awake for 10 nights by the non-stop singing of the stupid mockingbird in the tree outside my bedroom, I lit up a stick of dynamite to blow up the tree and kill the annoying critter for good.
by Boxcar Bob November 05, 2006
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one of the best songs by eminem ever
Hey, that dj did a great remix of Mockingbird, did u know its by Eminem?
by allison November 17, 2004
A codeword for a person who sings way too much (badly) and has a super ego. It so annoying that you start to want to kill him/her.
Charotte :When will the mocking bird stup up!
Joe: I donno. To bad killing a mockingbird is a sin.
by lovelylizzie March 09, 2007
Another name for Tequila, derived from the title of the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" (ie. tequila mockingbird)
"What are you drinking?"

"I'll have a Mockingbird!"
by mokolandia April 28, 2013
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