A Fijian word. It means goodbye.
Jope: "I gotta go. I'll talk to you later"
Mere: "Ok moce"
Jope: "bye."

by reggae marn September 29, 2006
Top Definition
Common typing error when trying to achieve the output of "nice". Moce Moce!
Wyrm: Got any pics of your sister, Chance?
Chance: yes, just a sec, I'll send.
Wyrm: moce!
by Concerned Onlooker April 06, 2003
Synonym for "nice," generally used an interjection. Pronounced with a long-o and a soft-s.
"Dude, I totally scored with this hot chick last night."
by cswarren52 February 08, 2008
Like nice, only moce. Pronounced - Mi-oce.

Origanated when somebody tried to write nice, but it ended up moce instead.

"Wow!! She is so moce!"

by *Kate Teh Gangster April 13, 2006
a term that is interchangeable with "bullshit"
Man, this is some moce!
by Lou-asha June 07, 2004
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