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The Jewish Pope. He is locked in the basement of The Vatican. Catholics follow the Pope and Jews follow the Jope.
Hershel-Dude, did you hear what the Jope said about lox and bagels on the Shabbas?
Ezra-No, Bro, what?
Hershel- He said dont put your shmuck in the hole!
Ezra-Fuckin meshugener
by Jonny Kaos June 11, 2007
Means awesome, cool, or great. Can substitute any noun or verb or adjective.
Bro that was sooooo JOPE!

I joped all night. It was so jope.

Feelin pretty jope right now.

You down to jope bro?
by Jopinn July 13, 2010
1. Weed 2. An verb describing the act of smoking weed 3. An adjective describing being under the influence of weed
1. Dude, let's go smoke some jope. 2. Hey man, let's go joping. 3. That guy was so joped up the other night.
by VultureChit April 07, 2010
It is when something is mad sick.And it also means to be amazing or silly.
That jump was jope.You are so jope
by Anthony.R February 21, 2009
Jope means Jump Off Planet Earth
She decided to stick around and not Jope.
by ShaktiOmShakti July 30, 2016
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