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the best chapter in the whole world.
MOAD # 1855 is fucking awesome cause it has some awesome jews in it. I love MOAD
by Sasha January 12, 2005
The best chapter in the Jewish youth group orginization that is known as BBYO. The men of this youth group exhibit awesome fraternity and tradition. In addition we are all bad asses.
Hey, last night at moad I had so much fun that I pissed my pants!
by AaronC January 12, 2005
The Mother Of All Depressions. The biggest Depression ever.
It's no recession. It's a depression. In fact it's The MOAD!
by petetoth March 20, 2009
"Mother of all dumps." Inspired by the MOAB bomb used in the recent Gulf war. A massive, long, and powerful defecation that is followed by shock and awe.
When he stepped out of the bathroom half an hour later, Julius saw the shock and awe on peoples faces and realized they too knew he had dropped a MOAD.
by dropbombs November 07, 2003
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