see 'mm'

Doubling the "m", or emphasizing "mm", in words gives a stronger (and often more evil) meaning to them.
"Mmake mmy day, mmofo!"

"BuMMer! I forgot to coMMent!"
by Mefisto Monster March 31, 2005
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verb: to MM an exam is to not only pass with exceptional results, but also to enter into the exam knowing full well that one's knowledge and history of success will negate the need for panick attacks.
She really MM'd that CKE exam! Success like that definitely deserves double martinis!
by Know-it-all May 15, 2005
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1. One who yells a lot and bosses people around.

2. One who tells Venice to close the door.
Ms. Faggot is such an Mm, she yelled at me and told me to get her a glass of water.
by mary a. June 20, 2004
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MallMonkeys.com, a disturbingly popular webcomic.
Q: Did you read MM today?
A: Yeah, that was so funny!
by wigglepuppy October 28, 2003
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