Used by Pagan people as a greeting on the 'net.
It means "merry meet"...
Me: mm...
You: mm!
Me: how are you?
You: I'm fine thanks.
by Ette July 01, 2003
Marija Madonna
Dak il-film tal-MM <or>
Dik it-tfajla tal-M-Alla-M.
Haqq ghall-MM
by Mark Zammit April 30, 2003
mission man. used so that people will stop calling someone a name of bad intent.
this girl called me mm when i said that i would make sure nobody called her a slut anymore.
by craly June 02, 2008
mutual masterbation; sometimes used by prostitutes in describing the services they provide.
Rates for this sexual, upscale exotic beauty looking to please you tonight: MM $75, BJ $150, Greek $200
by Amber H. August 14, 2006
1. A pretty young lady, used to be a young lady online

2. A girlfriend, especially a temporarily girlfriend
Man: Look, here comes a ppmm!!!

Where is your mm?

He is a stud. He sunk three mm's a day.
by ChineseMan June 12, 2006
verb: to MM an exam is to not only pass with exceptional results, but also to enter into the exam knowing full well that one's knowledge and history of success will negate the need for panick attacks.
She really MM'd that CKE exam! Success like that definitely deserves double martinis!
by Know-it-all May 15, 2005
1. One who yells a lot and bosses people around.

2. One who tells Venice to close the door.
Ms. Faggot is such an Mm, she yelled at me and told me to get her a glass of water.
by mary a. June 20, 2004

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