mission man. used so that people will stop calling someone a name of bad intent.
this girl called me mm when i said that i would make sure nobody called her a slut anymore.
by craly June 02, 2008
MM = "Married Man" as refered to by his lover on the side.
I'm getting together with my MM Wednesday when his wife is at work.
by The OW March 04, 2008
1. A pretty young lady, used to be a young lady online

2. A girlfriend, especially a temporarily girlfriend
Man: Look, here comes a ppmm!!!

Where is your mm?

He is a stud. He sunk three mm's a day.
by ChineseMan June 12, 2006
1. Marshall Mathers
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Michael Moore
take your pick
by theholygod July 01, 2004
1) Marilyn Manson (the weirdass)
2) Malice Mizer (the band)
3) Morning Musume (the girl idol group)
1) i dont give a shit about mm
2) mm disbanded years ago
3) i dont get why so many guys like mm
by Tosh April 15, 2004
MM is the short form of Much Music, Canada's version of MTV. It plays more music than MTV, yet is somehow a lot more ghetto. Perhaps it is because they hire somebody off of the street every year as part of their Search?
Person 1: I was watching MM's Punk Show yesterday, and they played a fucking Emo band!
Person 2: Yeah, MM is ghetto.
Person 1: And pumo.
Person 1 and 2: SO NOT RELLIN!
by Sahara April 19, 2005
short version of My Majesty, the oppinion we all have on ourselves ;}
MM is not in the mood for your bullshit, so stop spamming me.
by Niolvia March 17, 2007

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