Abbreviation of Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
'Lets go to MK'
by Ciall January 02, 2009
A hobbit that leaves feet hair and constantly clogs any toilet by leaving mini dead gerbils.
Why did you go MK in the bathroom?
by high5er April 22, 2010
Short for Mortal Kombat. The greatest/goriest fighting game series ever!!!
Hey, lets go play some MK!
by JohnC7 August 19, 2005
An abbriviation of the name Mihael Keehl, which is the real name of the character Mello in the anime/manga, Death Note.
Person 1: DUDE! MK died in the Death Note episode last week!
Person 2: MK?
Person 1: Mihael Keehl!
Person 2:....Who?
Person 1:...Mello. Retard.
by Mero-cakes July 25, 2008
An abbreviation for "missionary kid."
Her parents are Christian missionaries and she grew up in Peru as an MK.
by Hankle June 11, 2006
nickname for Mary-Kate Olsen. Used by fans and Mary-Kate's friends.
MK's sunglasses are bigger than her head.
by imacarnie July 23, 2005
A community college in MoCo, MD-Montgomery College

AKA Harvard on the Pike
Tracey: Where does she go to school?
Nicole: MK-not smart enough for UMD.
by amanda December 24, 2003

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