A fat sister in law. She is a hefty heifer with chubby hooves. Her girth alone is enough to cause panic in almost any city.
last night I was enjoying the peace and quiet when that massive mizzle showed up and ruined my evening.
by Jeppeto1 May 28, 2010
aka muff or vagina
that mizzle stink like tuna for shizzle my nizzle
by bitch ass February 28, 2003
the act or feeling of missing a person, place or thing...
were gonne miss you....
by NICHELLE HAMEED June 22, 2005
No wannabes - there are only two
Darn, Jorday and Mcfierce are mizzles!
Jorday is mah mizzle
Mcfierce is mah mizzle
by Mizzle October 10, 2004
Incredibly Boatlike; one with the boat; Aquatic;
That kid is so boatlike he is almost mizzle
by John Moraflick April 22, 2005
Another name for Baz. Origniated in London.
Awww Mizzle, I like your jumper.
by Harry Elafonté February 16, 2005
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