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A female libertarian stoner rapper/producer from Milwaukee, WI. Also goes by the names Z-Dub and Double Z. Her songs range from topics like drugs, politics, the Illuminati, suicide, life experiences and more. MiZZle has also done remixes, covers, and parodies of artists like Queen, Akon, Tina Turner, 2Pac, Pennywise, Too $hort, and more. You can find MiZZle on ReverbNation, Spotify, and Amazon.
Stoner1: I need some new stoner rap to listen to.
Stoner2: You ever hear of that MiZZle chick? Fucking amazing lyrics. Gets you thinking if you really listen to what she's saying. Probably the best in the midwest!
by SubnoizeRat February 09, 2013
The corner of 61st and Nebraska ave. in Milwaukee, WI outside of Hamilton High School. This is where stoners, goths, metal heads, rockers, and juggalos congregated in the morning to smoke weed/cigarettes, blast music, and piss off security. Mostly between the years of 2002-2006. Also the spot where the MPD conducted a raid on falsely accused cocaine dealing students.
I got a blunt, meet me out on the hill tomorrow morning.
by SubnoizeRat February 10, 2013
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