mizz is short for miserable, it can also be used as "the mizz" which implies that it is the most miserable thing
wow, this movie is the mizz

this soup is mizz
by poopajupe February 20, 2010
Top Definition
before a females nickname. also see laydee
mizz sexxy legz, mizz joyjoy, mizz smiliez
by mizz excentrique May 03, 2005
(Miserable) Adj. Any bad situation, event, person, ...
1. That old car is looking mizz.

2. You're looking mizz.
by Drew May 16, 2004
The Antwanist bible well known for its great CRINGE!section and supreme crappyness
Oh the new mizz is out this week
Yes I enjoy the CRINGE! section
by Frank October 20, 2004
word meaning mom
boy:yew suck dick
girl:your mizz suck dick
by imkishawhoisyew March 21, 2010
Someone who loves to read Mizz magazine, be ghetto and generally Mizz. Exclusive to North West London.
Oh Mizz
by L'Anderer June 07, 2011
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