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Pronounced my-zur. To live off of other people. To abuse someone elses kindness. If a someone offers a beer, a mizer takes 5. If someone offers a cigarette, a mizer takes two - smokes one and puts the other behind his/her ear.
"A what? A mizer."
"Mize, rise, gize and resize."
"You're such a mizer."
"He's such a fuckin' mizer."
"Can I bum a cigarette?" (even though the person has a full pack, they bum a cigarette, this makes them a mizer)
by Dah House September 18, 2008
short for sodomizer

used to tell people they are gay and that they like to sodomize people

another varaition of the word sodomite
"Koper, you are such a mizer."
by Nicker Tanglees February 03, 2007
An elder, someone who has more knowledge and/or ability than you. Commonly used in competitive card games.
I am such a mizer, I completely dominate you n00bs.
by RighteousMSJ February 07, 2004
A mizer is sum1 whom ud like to see by run over by a tricycle just so u cud have the satisfaction of boasting about what u have seen at a later date
terry has no value in my life hes just a mizer
by Vethment January 17, 2004

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