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Misting is starting with a large mouthful of some beverage (to the extent to where your cheeks are puffed up like Dizzy Gillespie), then quickly spitting it out at someone, so that it becomes a projectile "mist" in the air.

The proper form when misting, is to look something like one of those fireball-spitting circus performers.

Similar to "shotgunning", which is the same thing, but with a mouthful of crushed ice.
LOL I just misted you with Crush Pineapple and Codeine syrup.

What a profound example of misting that was! If I may elaborate further: PWNZ0RRED!!11shift!!!!!1
by ryansupak June 20, 2006
Misting occurs when one lies down on one's back and has a beverage (preferably alcholic) poured directly into their mouth from about waist height. The inevitable overflow onto the face and body is a mist, hence the term misting. Misting became popular through the Toronto party scene where many individuals continue the practice to this day. Though mostly harmless, a good mister will build up to the performance by making a grand entrance in an elaborate costume or with theme music and generally make the most of the event.
I had an excellent time last night. I mut say though, the height of the eve was Cody's misting.
by Hobart Hoshizaki April 20, 2006
The act of having ejaculate come down from above in a mist like fashion
We were misting on Zack while he was passed out.
by shroomerywench March 13, 2011
The act of snorting the soft drink Sierra Mist in order to achieve a high. Also known as getting Foggy.
Man, Zack was misting hard core last night, he was foggy as fuck bro.
by B-nugg March 22, 2010
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