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H-Bomb- Is heroin, dope, chiva
Ey you know where i can score that H-Bomb??
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010
Misted- To get extremely fucked up off Canadian Mist Whiskey.
Ey homes, im so fucking misted right now.
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010
Hurl or Hurled- To overpower your enemy in a fight, brutally beat and or kill.
I hurled that punk ass bitch claimin F-I, nigga had it coming..
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010
A city in the Inland Empire of Southern California.
More and more gangs are moving in here from different ghettos. The ghetto mentality has settled in permanently here among all ethnicities.

There are tons of drugs, anything their is, its here.

Houses are cheap here because this place is terrible. The city is desperate to sucker people into moving here for the tax revenue. Don't let the low housing prices fool you, because as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Good luck, dont get jacked!
Shit man, Murrieta has changed a lot, seems everywhere you go some motherfucker is trying to sell a sack or scrap.
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010

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