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A womans hairy upper lip.
Dude, my wife needs to go and get her misstache waxed!
by Jacob Spaniol November 27, 2007
A lady moustache.

Visable hair on a woman's upper lip.
"Dude, that girl has has a serious misstache that needs attending to"
by smoked salmon July 22, 2009
A female moustache.
"Did you check out the size of that chick's misstache?"
by hlbndr December 08, 2009
The ultimate name for a bad mustache. Sometimes belonging to people who grow it but refuse to admit that it looks like roadkill above their lips.
The terminator felt terrible losing to a scary wrestler with a freaky misstache on his face.
by Crazyfox09 February 26, 2009
That fuzzy hair on the upper lip of some women.... often more pronounced in brunette's. Can sometimes extend past fuzz to a full blown miss-tache!
Girl - Hmm... i think you better wax your top lip, you've got a bit of a miss-tache going on!
by Danni2345 November 20, 2007
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