Verb. To rapidly move or weave through traffic in a high performance vehicle. To drive faster than the speed limit in an urban environment, endangering others. Also Sidewinding.
I missiled through these fools like a Sidewinder. Missiling around in my pimped up Honda.
by Phoenixflamme September 13, 2006
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another word for "errection."
When I see my girl, I am as hard as a missile.
by Denzel Caldwell March 11, 2005
Really huge breasts....
by ass June 16, 2003
In downtown baltimore, a missile is most commonly an awesome bag of raw heroin. If it's of a good quality and there's a good amount, then it's a missile. This term is also used to refer to other drugs, but mainly heroin. In the last year or so it has seen repeated use as a replacement for "the bomb". In this context it can be used to describe anything of an exceedingly high quality.

I once was buying a bag of weed and had it broken down for me by a native. I commented the bag was a bit small, and he replied to me, and I quote:
"don't even worry about the size, baby, it's a <i>missile</i>"

I asked him what that meant and he told me it was like the bomb, except it gets shot straight into your nose/lungs/veins.

A nuclear missile is better than a regular missile.
That dope I got from Jimmy The Hat was a fucking missile, I shot up yesterday and I'm still fucking wasted!
by AmoebicMagician May 14, 2009
Synonymous with calling a girl a rocket. A really hot girl, basically.

Popularized by popular NHL enforcer Paul Bissonnette, aka Biznasty
Lexi...what a friggin missile she is.
by Hockey talk September 29, 2012
Anything that is really really good looking or tasty.
After B.Y. mixed his Crystal light water pack into his bottle and took a swig he said, " Man that was a missile, Cuz."
by Eleandrus February 03, 2011
A mixed drink. Take a can of red bull, open it, poor out half, fill with vodka. Then poke a hole near the bottom on the side, and shoot like you would shotgunning a beer.
I shot a missile before going out to the bar.
by Yosephie Maluki February 09, 2013

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