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a fat boy with saggy titties
you look like a miro to me.
by Mauricio April 13, 2005
A sexy man, chick magnet, the man.
Look at that lucky Miro.
by Lollipop Babe May 09, 2011
A famous painter and sculpturist from Spain. Painted in the style of surrealism. A good friend with American sculpture artist Alexander Calder.
Miro rocks the house!
by Timmy Sanders June 22, 2006
Alternative word for describing a superhuman effort or deed, which often involves a great degree of heroism.
It looks like we are going to need a miro to pull this off.

What he did that day was miroic.
by trickortreat08 April 04, 2010
A korean and brazilian(?) kid that uses his street fighting skills to beat his opponents in fighting
Miro won that fight last summer!
by Colombiano April 14, 2005
a person who is obsessed with looking at themselvs in a mirror.
I don't hand out with her anymore. She's such a MIRO.
by Slim Nerdy Banana Squirrel May 09, 2014
A Persian word used for Camels, used in village-speak, and is an Old-World word type. Sometimes referred as a "Meedo," pronounced by stressing the E's in the word.
Tsarmo: Ey Adamo, did you just see that Miro?

Adamo: Yea, wtf i didn't know there are camels in the USA.

Tsarmo: Neither did i.. damn that thing is dirty.
by Sarmooo July 01, 2010