A famous painter and sculpturist from Spain. Painted in the style of surrealism. A good friend with American sculpture artist Alexander Calder.
Miro rocks the house!
by Timmy Sanders June 22, 2006
Alternative word for describing a superhuman effort or deed, which often involves a great degree of heroism.
It looks like we are going to need a miro to pull this off.

What he did that day was miroic.
by trickortreat08 April 04, 2010
A korean and brazilian(?) kid that uses his street fighting skills to beat his opponents in fighting
Miro won that fight last summer!
by Colombiano April 14, 2005
An individual who cannot buy class or afford to do anything of a classy nature.
In Melbourne we can't afford to be a Miro
by Classymate May 27, 2016
a person who is obsessed with looking at themselvs in a mirror.
I don't hand out with her anymore. She's such a MIRO.
by Slim Nerdy Banana Squirrel May 09, 2014
A Persian word used for Camels, used in village-speak, and is an Old-World word type. Sometimes referred as a "Meedo," pronounced by stressing the E's in the word.
Tsarmo: Ey Adamo, did you just see that Miro?

Adamo: Yea, wtf i didn't know there are camels in the USA.

Tsarmo: Neither did i.. damn that thing is dirty.
by Sarmooo July 01, 2010
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